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Global Freight Forwarding

Global Freight Forwarding

To provide the best support for your ever-changing logistics wants, we have progressively offered an evolving means of transportation services through our Air Freight, Ocean Freight, or Land Freight.

Regardless of your knowledge about shipping in the Middle East, your success largely depends on the freight forwarder dubai company. Dubai is one of the leading destinations in the middle-east, and our company is at the forefront of the freight companies and  logistics companies in UAE. 

Specialized Logistics

Navire Logistics Services LLC operates a different range of logistics services. We are the best logistics companies in UAE. Hence, we offer specialized logistics as we have the capacity to meet our customers' expectations, these specialized logistics include; Seafood Import & Export Services, General Foodstuff Import & Export, Pharmaceutical Clearance, and Events & Exhibitions Logistics. And many more.

Specialized Logistics

Shipping and Logistics Companies in UAE

Navire Logistics Services is one of the leading ѕhірріng and logistic companies in UAE, offering unparalleled market coverage worldwide through strategically located offices.

We are dedicatedly giving quality administration and participation to our shippers, authorities, and clients. Also supply different cargo types, including containers, ro-ro, and project cargo.

Navire Logistics Services is рrоud to be the enterprise logo in transportation and cargo. We are an exceptional organization that desires to change the industry by making logistics clean and visible to absolutely everyone. We are аlwауѕ there to ѕuрроrt our client's by way of dіvеrѕіfуing their сuѕtоmеr hасk of work and giving them maximum possible choices. Navire Logistics is one of the best logistic companies in UAE.

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Customs Reconciliation

Regardless of your experience in international trading, no one would ever want to get stuck with UAE customs. From wastage of resources and finances to missing your delivery deadline, a series of downsides comes with having issues during declaration and clearance. To help avoid becoming a victim of common issues, importation challenges, or exportations difficulties, Navire Logistics has a dedicated team in place to guide and assist you in customs reconciliation.

Cross Trading Solutions

At Navire logistics, we offer cross trading solutions that cut across sea freight, air freight, inland transport, overland transport, and customs clearance. Getting your products and goods across the seas shouldn’t be an overwhelming and costly experience. For this reason, we help our customers grow their businesses by offering the most cost-effective cross trading services in UAE. By working with us, you can be confident of a seamless experience in buying and selling products anywhere in the world. 

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Smart Team Great Solutions

Smart Team
Great Solutions

We are not a faceless organization. We are professionally led and business oriented with a focus in providing visible management, alongside a team of expert who believes in our core vision and mission; bespoke services and delivers seamless, high-quality services as a Smart Team with Great Solutions.

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