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With more than 50+ dedicated employees, we are working worldwide, delivering operational excellence to offer useful answers to the most difficult supply chain questions without any hassle. Our strength in delivering value and excellence to our customers is actualized with the tireless and professional efforts of our team of experts who bring passion to what we do. They are always devoted to exceeding our customer’s expectations. We remain your perfect option in delivering excellence and value.

Based on our integrity in handling customer’s expectations, we pay rapt attention to details from particular logistics to forwarding needs. Our team of expert professionals takes care of all your logistics without any worry.

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Who We Are

From our humble beginning, Navire Logistics Services LLC is a world class, reliable, Global Freight Forwarding, Specialized Logistics management, Product Registration Services, Warehousing, and 3PL, Project Logistics, Door to Door service, Customs Clearance, Shipping Liner Agency, Packing and Moving Management Company. We implement knowledge, business ethics approach with a strict compliance program, ingenuity, expertise and years of experience in managing today’s complex logistics problems.

Navire Logistics Services LLC is a company with a global reach to deliver excellent shipping & logistics services to our esteemed customers. This has remained one of our visions since the establishment, and the dynamics of our services have developed over the years.

Why Choose Us?

At Navire Logistics Services LLC, we support our customers by giving good support and quick service. We provide professional and pragmatic advice and solutions for our customers’ business enhancement or their challenges. We take ownership of the shipments or issues, stay with customers till their shipment get released, or problem gets solved. We have a very smart, dedicated and experienced team of expert who can professionally serve our customers. To crown it all, we assist our customers to not lose any money as a form penalty due to delay or problems in documentation or processes. Also advise and help to get all eligible exemptions like VAT, Duty and many others.

Reasons to choose us: Quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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