Custom Reconciliation

Custom Reconciliation

We have an approved unit that specializes in the official assessment of imported items to be declared with the customs. They harness the experience and meticulous approach to figure out errors and correct them as appropriate. In this way, you stand a better chance of having a flawless and successful reconciliation process. Navire logistics team ensures that you have necessary compliance documents and meet the required checklists to have your goods cleared and passed for entry or exit. 


Our customs reconciliation services

Our clients keep patronizing Navire Logistics customs reconciliation unit because we offer a total package service in initiating, rectifying, processing, and completing the process swiftly. Below are what we offer:

Common error-free process

If you have been flagged for common errors by the customs authority but do not have an exact idea of how to proceed, do not worry. Our dedicated reconciliation team will assess the situation and pinpoint where the error lies. Swiftly, we will proceed to rectify the error and ensure that your goods are cleared.

A full audit and classification

As a subunit of our customs reconciliation service in the UAE team, our audit team will meticulously check for any wrongful input and ensure all items meet the necessary requirements for approval. We assist our clients in achieving a perfect description and classification of their goods, including promotional goods, surplus products, and samples. 

Revision of critical elements

We understand that your company’s employees are busy and may not have the experience to properly assess critical elements surrounding entry summaries. This is one of the major reasons why our clients contact us. Our professional reconciliation team will oversee a full revision to ensure that your products and importation and exportation process don’t fall into Dubai customs’ high-risk category.

Meets necessary custom codes

A successful customs inventory reconciliation is impossible if your request lacks the vital information to scale through. This could be a single error in value, quantity, or weight. To prevent such discrepancies in data submission or rectification, we will make a detailed and professional check of your information prior to submission for customs reconciliation.

Quick freezone declaration and clearance

With Navire Logistics, our clients have the resources, expertise, and experience to harness the newly established electronic custom processing unit. Let’s help get your freezone stock declaration and clearance done in a jiffy. We are fast, reliable, and smart in our dealings.

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Our team is ready to sit with you and listen to your request. We are just a call away from initiating and completing your customs inventory reconciliation process.