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Navire Logistics had been providing the best professional solutions for their customers’ supply chain problems, for more than a decade now. Navire often goes beyond customers’ expectations by proving their excellence in specialized logistics for any business.
Navire Logistics’ main priority is to work around the world with providing the assistance that the customers need to back up their businesses with reliability.
Their professional guidance was able to gain many returning clients throughout the years such as Safari Group, Nirapara and Bismi Group etc.

Now, Navire Logistics has been able to show their professionalism through their website as well.
Navire Logistics has launched their modernized and brand new website at the Come on Kerala 2020 special edition at the Business Conclave venue.

Come on Kerala is one of the largest Indian expos which brings out extremely potential Indian brands to the limelight.
In this event, the exhibitors are able to be imparted about the economic industry and have novel insights from the key speakers. Their industry expertise often drives the new products and brands to collect new strategies for their businesses.
Come on Kerala assists the exhibitors to emphasize their product quality and uniqueness to the world by promoting the Indian products and services to the global industry.
The exhibitors get a valuable opportunity by possessing a platform to showcase their brands out to the world market.

The renovated website was launched by Mr. Saleem Ambalan who is the director of Gulf Madhyamam. Gulf Madhyamam, was the first Indian newspaper published outside of India in Malayalam (Kerala) language.

New features of the Navire Logistics website

Navire Logistics has included new features to further enhance the user experience within their renovated website.

The new logo of Navire Logistics is created with a thunderbolt. Thunderbolt symbolizes the speedy and efficient services that Navire brings out to the customers.
Their professionalism and the individual care for every shipment and all the other services are visualized by this minimalistic logo design.

Along with the thoroughly detailed web pages about their specialized logistics and services, Navire Logistics has implemented a Get Quote option. This option lets the users to request for all the information they need.
You can enter the Name, E-mail, Company name, Mobile number, Country, the website and write the message you wish to send directly to Navire Logistics. After the submission Navire Logistics will contact you as fast as possible.

The Whatsapp Contact icon is right there for the users’ convenience. It is on the right side of the website regardless of the page you are currently on.
This takes you immediately to your Whatsapp application where you can directly contact Navire Logistics without a hassle through +971 56 573 4691.

Furthermore Navire website has included a Get in touch option which redirects the user to an account manager CRM (customer relations management) tool.

With these new features no matter where you are in the world Navire Logistics is one click, call, text and an E-mail away to cover you.

Therefore, without further ado initiate the alliance with Navire Logistics for a better and perfectly planned business future with vast economic possibilities.

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