Navire Logistics brings the essence in specialized Food Import and Export Services to the world

Navire Logistics brings the essence in specialized Food Import and Export Services to the world

Navire Logistics is ahead of its game solving the most difficult supply chain problems around the world. The organization is cherished with more than 50 devoted employees who create an excellent logistic service for their clients.
With more than a decade of industry experience, Navire logistics brings phenomenal standards to the food import and export services.

Mainly located in Dubai and India, Navire logistics offers a larger scale of logistics to the world.
They are experts at Pharmaceutical clearances and cold chain logistics.
Navire project logistics help larger projects to handle their massive cargoes efficiently and save overall project costs with their broad knowledge in the market.

Furthermore, Warehousing, food import and export services and events and exhibition logistics are among the crucial services they offer.
When it comes down to food, delivering the food and related products on time is a fundamental area for any logistics company.
Navire can be considered as the number 1 foodstuff clearance service in Dubai.
Navire has maintained a reliable reputation throughout the years for foodstuff clearance.
In their food import and export services sector, they cover a vast area of general, dry, refrigerated and perishable food items.
Without a question Navire can be your most reliable place for transporting and handling your foodstuff without a hassle.
Navire’s Involvement in importing and exporting seafood is a huge benefit for any business which is looking forward to transport their products around the world.
You can sit back and relax, while your seafood is being transported to the other end of the world by Navire’s expert handling and time management system.
They know that seafood can go bad in no time, so there is not time to waste!
Throughout the service, the customers’ seafood supply chain is properly managed whether they are fresh or frozen.

Product registration is mandatory in Dubai in order to maintain a safe environment in the market. Enrolling a product with the Dubai municipality is the best way to ensure that your products are safe for the consumers.
With this process the buyers can be thoroughly informed about the product. Product registration can aid the manufacturer as well because there won’t be any defect in the products they release into the market.
Therefore, it is crucial to initialize and look into the product registration guideline Dubai with Navire logistics.

World’s most important F&B professionals gather to throw the greatest and the largest annual food, beverage and hospitality exhibition in the world named as Gulfood Exhibition Dubai.
Navire Logistics had been one of the exhibitors at Gulfood exhibition with LuLu Group International which is a Multinational conglomerate company owned by Mr. M. A. Yusuff Ali.
He is a well known entrepreneur, NRI Investor and a Philanthropist who has received several awards including Padma Shri Award (2008).

Along with the Managing Director, Mr. Ahmed Mammooty and the entire Navire group works constantly to ensure their food import and export services get the upper hand in logistic services in the country.
Navire’s end-goal is to live up to the standards of the customers often exceeding their requirements.
After All their vision statement “is to continue to provide the best shipping and logistics service globally with precision, reliability, and integrity”
Therefore, Navire Logistics is the best bet to gain the most professional food import and export services in order to kickstart your brand new business future.

Posted on May 4, 2020

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