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Navire Logistics Services LLC operates a different range of logistics services. We are one of the best sea freight companies in du Hence, we offer specialized logistics as we have the capacity to meet our customers’ expectations, this specialized logistics include; Seafood Import & Export Services, General Foodstuff Import & Export, Pharmaceutical Clearance, and Events & Exhibitions Logistics. And many more.

Global Freight Forwarding

Global Freight Forwarding Global Freight Forwarding Regardless of your knowledge about shipping in the Middle East, your success largely depends on the freight forwarder dubai company. Dubai is one of the leading destinations in the middle-east, and our company is at the forefront of the freight companies. Dubai has a lot of companies, but our …

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Air freight
Land freight
frontal truck
Ocean freight
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Specialized Logistics

Specialized Global Shipping and Logistics Services We handle all your domestic and international logistics needs. Our services include. Global shipping and logistics Pharmaceutical Clearance We offer our services in the medical sector by providing solutions for supply chain and logistics necessities. We ensure fast delivery of drugs and other health care products. We ensure that …

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Pharmaceutical Clearance


General Foodstuff Import & Export Services

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Seafood Import & Export Services


Events & Exhibition Logistics


Product Municipality Registration Service Dubai Municipality Registration Service Of course, product dubai municipality registration is one of the best ways to inventory all goods imported to a country. It helps keep track of the importation, sales and manufacturing of a product to ensure the safety of its consumers. As it is in most countries today, …

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What is product registration?

Of course, product registration is one of the best ways to make an inventory of all goods imported to a country. It helps keep track of the importation, sales and manufacturing of product so as to ensure thesafety of it consumers.

Why is product registration required?

Product registration in Dubai helps in detection of counterfeit products and stops the the circulation of substandard goods in the market. It core importance is to guarantee tracebility and transparency in production. 

Why product registration is mandatory in Dubai

The process ensures that all product have every necessary information so that consumers can read through and be sure of what they are buying.

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