Exhibition and Event Logistics Company

Exhibition and Event Logistics Company

If you are looking for professional event logistics company management in Dubai, we are the ones you can trust to handle all your event logistics company. We have an efficient logistics solution that will make sure things are done right. We also have a proven track record of offering the best event logistics company in the UAE. We handle thousands of exhibitions and event logistics company in Dubai and all over the UAE every year. We have a team of experts in the country that are well equipped to handle events and exhibitions.


Professionals for Heavy Duties

At Navire Logistics, we have experienced heads and heavy machines to lift your precious materials for events and exhibitions from one location to another. Whether it’s a box of diamonds, antiques, or a pack of marketing materials, you can trust our team to deliver them with all sense of care and concern. 

We recommend not running at the risk of getting the precious losing your credibility due to a few broken materials. Let’s handle your heavy-duty materials and deliver them in perfect condition. Also, every Navire Logistics team has the necessary permits to deliver your freight safely.

Specialists for Heavy Duties

After the first order, you can request our services as many times as possible. Our events and exhibition logistics team are always on standby to help move your materials from one show to another. Simply provide the freight weight, measure, and destination and return address – Navire Logistics will do the rest.

Our events logistics in UAE is fully certified, and we ensure that we follow all Environmental-friendly practices. We provide our logistics support to event organizers and exhibitors. All goods delivered are always in perfect condition.

How We Help

Our mission is to serve you and your business. Professionalism, quality of service, flexibility, speed, and care, this is our motto. We can offer you a specialized service in logistics, assembly, and disassembly at any location: fairs trade shows, tents, or other temporary structures for events, sports competitions.

Why Choose Us

Thanks to the skills of ourexperts combined with our extensive network of qualified partners, we guarantee you the perfect organization and an impeccable realization. Indeed we have been involved in many major projects in recent years. It’s not just about moving boxes. We want your events to be flawless, so you get the results you expect and delight your participants.

An exciting and inspiring event awaits you! We are the event logistics company, and you can achieve a memorable experience for attendees, on track to achieve your goals. With over decades of experience organizing the shipments to occasions of all sizes and various specialized fields. So, whether you have a survey to the show or a close-by group to gather cases after a show has closed for the event logistics company, we can offer to buy a total responsibility for your occasion transportation needs.

We make shipping and receiving your goods a breeze. We manage the logistics for you, so you only need to address the things that matter – your guests, your business, and your event itself.